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Love Your Yoga
Love Your Yoga provides classes for children, teens, adults and families. Liz Hudson, R.Y.T. teaches children classes at pre-schools around the Austin area. She uses stories, songs and games in her classes, stories which include lessons such as: kindness, love, giving and paying attention. Liz alternates between active movement and calm breathwork, teaching children new tools to take out into their everyday adventures. She helps show children how to bring together their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual selves through awareness to the present moment.

Liz will begin teaching three new donation classes beginning the first week of April at Austin’s New
Donation based Yoga and Dance studio, Austin Dance Collective ( at
2015 East Riverside. The Family yoga class is for parents and children ages 2-7 and will be held Saturday
mornings from 10:00-10:45 a.m. The Family yoga class is be a relaxing 45 minutes of stories, games and
interactive yoga, creating a deep awareness and connection between parent and child. Children will
love time spent doing something active and fun with their parent! Liz will teach her new Kundalini yoga
class at the same location from 9:00-10:00 a.m. Saturday mornings. The Kundalini yoga class will be for
beginners or intermediate yogis, adults and teens seeking a deeper connection to their own spirit. We
will be working directly on the central nervous and glandular system doing kriyas, or sets of postures,
and meditations, using the breath to link awareness to the present moment. This class provides a
chance to help teens and adults have a complete connection to a pure state of bliss and a new
understanding of a traditional form of yoga that has helped people heal and shine for thousands of
years. Currently, Liz teaches Adult Hatha Flow at Seva Yoga on Thursdays in March from 6-7 p.m.
Beginning in April this class will move times and locations to Austin Dance Collective Wednesdays from
5-6 p.m. Hatha Flow celebrates life’s natural divine flow. The natural world, in all of its divine forms, is
alive within each of us. This natural divinity is at the root of the body's expression of yoga. In this class,
we will explore nature's elemental movement of energy called prana. Discover how the primal
expressions of pranic movement can help us travel deeper into the experience of our yoga asana
practice. Open your body, your heart, your mind, and your practice to a new way of being with yourself
through the ancient art of yoga.

Love Your Yoga is also very proud to introduce new Yoga and Art birthday parties for children! Liz
Hudson and Susan Slattery are providing a relaxing creative atmosphere for parents and children with a
themed birthday party, all materials and party provisions included. Children will have opportunities to
listen to music, hear yoga stories, be creative doing art projects, eat birthday cake, get their face
painted, and play on the playground! Parents have a great time too, with a relaxing no-hassel pre-
planned party experience!

See more details on or contact Liz directly for more information: (512) 785-4897